Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, PA5453 (gmd)

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Gene Feature Overview

Strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 (Reference)
Locus Tag
Synonym: gca
Synonym: lpsA
Replicon chromosome
Genomic location 6143109 - 6144080 (- strand)
Transposon Mutants 5 transposon mutants in PAO1
Transposon Mutants in orthologs 1 transposon mutants in orthologs


RefSeq NP_254140.1
GI 15600646
Affymetrix PA5453_gmd_at
DNASU PaCD00008350
Entrez 883089
GenBank AAG08838.1
INSDC AAG08838.1
NCBI Locus Tag PA5453
protein_id(GenBank) gb|AAG08838.1|AE004958_8|gnl|PseudoCAP|PA5453
UniParc UPI000012B8A1
UniProtKB Acc Q51366
UniRef100 UniRef100_Q51366
UniRef50 UniRef50_Q51366
UniRef90 UniRef90_Q51366


Feature Type CDS
Coding Frame 1
Product Name
GDP-mannose 4,6-dehydratase
Product Name Confidence: Class 1
Evidence for Translation
Identified using nanoflow high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) in conjunction with microelectrospray ionization on LTQ XL mass spectrometer (PMID:24291602).
Charge (pH 7) -1.61
Kyte-Doolittle Hydrophobicity Value -0.291
Molecular Weight (kDa) 36.4
Isoelectric Point (pI) 6.53

Subcellular localization

Individual Mappings
Localization Confidence PMID
Cytoplasmic Class 3
Cytoplasmic Class 1
Additional evidence for subcellular localization

PDB 3D Structures

Accession Header Accession Date Compound Source Resolution Method Percent Identity
1RPN LYASE 12/03/03 Crystal Structure of GDP-D-mannose 4,6-dehydratase in complexes with GDP and NADPH PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA 2.15 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 100.0

Drugs Targeting this Protein

Identified by Diamond using e-value cutoff of 0.0001 and returning alignments that span 100% of the query sequence and that have more than 95% identity.

Drug Name Source Accession Source DB Version Target Accession Target Description Percent Identity Alignment Length E-Value
Guanosine-5'-Diphosphate DB04315 DrugBank 5.0.6 Q51366 GDP-mannose 4,6-dehydratase 100.0 323 1.0e-184

Pathogen Association Analysis

Found in both pathogen and nonpathogenic strains
Hits to this gene were found in 611 genera

Orthologs/Comparative Genomics

Pseudomonas Ortholog Database View orthologs at Pseudomonas Ortholog Database
Pseudomonas Ortholog Group POG004999 (394 members)
Putative Inparalogs None Found


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Human Homologs

Ensembl 86, assembly GRCh38.p7
GDP-mannose 4,6-dehydratase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:HGNC:4369]
E-value: 5.1e-85
Percent Identity: 48.2


Chromosomal mapping, expression and synthesis of lipopolysaccharide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a role for guanosine diphospho (GDP)-D-mannose.
Lightfoot J, Lam JS
Mol. Microbiol. 1993 May;8(4):771-82
PubMed ID: 7687320
Prevalence of gca, a gene involved in synthesis of A-band common antigen polysaccharide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Currie HL, Lightfoot J, Lam JS
Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 1995 Sep;2(5):554-62
PubMed ID: 8548534