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Pseudomonas Genome Database - Tools

Retrieve Sequences

Specific DNA sequence data can be obtained for specific base pair positions in any of the genomes found in this database. In addition, one can download DNA and protein sequences for any specified ORF. The complete genomes are also available as contiguous nucleotide FASTA files or multi-FASTA files containing the protein sequence for each annotated gene on our downloads page.

If you use any data from this website, including the genome sequence, please acknowledge the Pseudomonas Genome Database and the respective genome sequencing project.

You can retrieve a segment of genomic DNA sequences by using the form below.



Reverse Complement

You can retrieve one or more protein or DNA sequences for an ORF by using the form below. Simply add the xrefs (e.g. locus tag, GI, RefSeq, Affymetrix, Entrez, UniProt) to the list below. Separate multiple cross-references using a semi-colon or a comma.

Xref type
Return DNA Sequence
Return Protein Sequence