Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, PA0168

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Gene Ontology

Ontology Accession Term GO Evidence Evidence Ontology (ECO) Code Reference Comments

Functional Classifications Manually Assigned by PseudoCAP

Hypothetical, unclassified, unknown Other PAO1 genes in this class

Functional Predictions from Interpro

Analysis Accession Description Interpro Accession Interpro Description Amino Acid Start Amino Acid Stop E-value
SUPERFAMILY SSF54211 IPR020568 Ribosomal protein S5 domain 2-type fold 7 121 1.14E-37
Pfam PF01205 Uncharacterized protein family UPF0029 IPR001498 Impact, N-terminal 16 116 1.2E-26
ProSitePatterns PS00910 Uncharacterized protein family UPF0029 signature. IPR020569 Uncharacterised protein family UPF0029, Impact, conserved site 71 100 -
SUPERFAMILY SSF54980 IPR035647 EF-G domain III/V-like 127 195 9.35E-11
Gene3D G3DSA: 126 191 1.0E-5
Pfam PF09186 Domain of unknown function (DUF1949) IPR015269 Uncharacterised domain UPF0029, Impact, C-terminal 133 188 2.0E-11
Gene3D G3DSA: IPR036956 Impact, N-terminal domain superfamily 1 125 9.2E-45

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