Pseudomonas aeruginosa UCBPP-PA14, PA14_34000 (hsiH3)

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Gene Ontology

Ontology Accession Term GO Evidence Evidence Ontology (ECO) Code Reference Comments

Functional Classifications Manually Assigned by PseudoCAP

Hypothetical, unclassified, unknown Other UCBPP-PA14 genes in this class


Database Xref Pathway Version Evidence PMID
KEGG pau02025 Biofilm formation - Pseudomonas aeruginosa 81.0+/01-23, Jan 17 ECO:0000249
sequence similarity evidence used in automatic assertion

Functional Predictions from Interpro

Analysis Accession Description Interpro Accession Interpro Description Amino Acid Start Amino Acid Stop E-value
TIGRFAM TIGR03347 VI_chp_1: type VI secretion protein, VC_A0111 family IPR010732 Type VI secretion, TssG-like 19 317 1.2E-82
Pfam PF06996 Type VI secretion, TssG IPR010732 Type VI secretion, TssG-like 20 317 1.1E-73

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